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Helping Your City Stay Green

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Many cities are working on something called urban planning. Urban planning is when the city makes a plan for developing the land, protecting the environment, and protecting the people. Whereas the city has complete control over how it decides to sell and develop the land, when it plans to make the city greener, laws alone cannot do that. Those plans require citizens' help.

Personal Steps

When a city completes urban planning, they may create a few laws. Obviously, it is already illegal to litter, but do you still do it anyway? If you hate seeing trash by the side of the road or on the sidewalk in the city, first make the change in yourself and throw your trash away every time. Besides following these rules, you must be knowledgeable. If you do not know what you can do or how you can help, you will not be able to help.

The city of Vancouver is hailed as the greenest city. What helped them reach this point? Their citizens stay informed on how the environment is doing and what they can do to help. You, as a citizen, must fulfill your part. Perhaps you can save fuel emission by carpooling or having your children carpool to school. Take steps to better your own treatment of the environment before you do anything else. Make sure you know what you can do and how.

Get Others Involved

Perhaps part of the urban planning created a Plant a Tree Day, for example. While not necessarily very exciting, it could be. Get other involved. Show them the importance of participating and assisting the city become more green. Oftentimes, all a city can do to promote a day like that is hang up signs and inform people. You can do more than inform; you can personally invite. Make a day like this important to others; let it be a learning and growing experience for children.

You can also get others involved by showing them the importance of staying green. Perhaps, others do not realize the gravity of making wise decisions and being green. Additionally, these people may not realize how simple it can be. They may not know what an impact switching from plastic to paper or throwing their trash away can make. They may not realize that one more person carpooling can make a difference.

Be knowledgeable then pass your knowledge on to help make your city greener.