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What Makes Natural Turf Good for the Environment?

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Aside from making your yard to look green and beautiful year-round, natural turf is an ideal choice for the betterment of the environment as well. Here are a few ways to explain how natural turf installation can help protect the environment.

Acts as a natural water filter

Runoff water, especially in cities, towns and other urban areas often carries with it numerous pollutants. As such, you may fail to realize that one of the reasons behind water contamination in your private well is runoff of polluted water coming from driveways, parking lots, footpaths and other hard surfaces.

Natural turf lawns mitigate the deleterious impacts of runoff water by filtering and preventing pollutants from reaching ground water sources. In essence, natural turf serves as a free environmental filter that purifies the water passing through its roots.

Helps control soil erosion

Soil erosion is an environmental problem that is drawing a lot of concern in the world today. Without any turf covering your yard, a lot of soil can be blown or washed away by wind and storm water. The gentle strength of natural turf holding the soil in your yard intact is a cost-effective way to moderate weather-induced erosion. A dense, well-kempt yard with natural turf can reduce runoff of soil to almost nil.

Reduces carbon footprint and enhances oxygen supply

The increased emission of carbon into the atmosphere is a matter of grave concern. Any effort aimed at reducing the increased composition of carbon gases in the air should be welcomed.

Almost all green plants purify the air in the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. Just like all other plants, natural turf uses water, carbon dioxide and solar energy to produce clean oxygen. Hence, opting for natural turf enhances the supply of much needed oxygen, replenishing oxygen supply for human beings and animals. By taking in carbon and releasing oxygen, well-manicured yards helps control the issue of climate change.

All you have to do to improve air quality is carefully choose natural turf species suited for your climate, mow your lawn at the appropriate times and water the lawn responsibly.

Works as Mother Nature's air conditioner

Another vital benefit that every person enjoys, often without even noticing it, is the tremendous cooling effect of natural turf. This cooling effect cuts down on the amount of electricity needed to keep air conditioning systems running, especially during those hot summers months.