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Aspects to Consider When Contemplating a Split system air conditioner

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If you are looking to either install a new air conditioning system or replace the old one, you will find a wide selection to choose from. One of the options that you will come across in your search for an air conditioning system is the split system air conditioner. However, would this type of unit be suitable for your individual needs? Here are some of the aspects that you should consider when contemplating investing in split system air conditioner.

Consider the installation of the split system air conditioner

A split system air conditioner gets its name from the two components that it comprises. The system comes with both an interior unit as well as an exterior unit. Having these two units separate makes cooling and heating your home more efficient. This increased efficiency that the spilt air conditioning system offers is what makes it one of the more popular options for residential use.

However, since the system comes with two units, it also means that installation will be more complex as compared to conventional air conditioning systems. Instead of being able to simply set the unit on a window and have the room be ventilated, air conditioning contractors will have to install a condenser unit outdoor as well as interior units in various rooms. These interior units tend to be mounted high on the wall and directly transfer hot or cold air into the room. You can even opt for units that come with dehumidifying capabilities during the colder months.

Consider the extent of air conditioning in your home

If you are looking to air condition your entire home, then a split system air conditioner would be an ideal choice for you. One of the inconveniences of conventional options such as window air conditioners is that they can only tackle air conditioning in the specific room that they have been installed in. With a split system air conditioner, the units are mounted in the wall of each room in your home. As such, you have the flexibility of choosing to air condition the entire home simultaneously or restrict the air conditioning to specific rooms in the house.

Consider the air conditioning related utility bills

Some homeowners may believe that a split system air conditioner tends to cost more than conventional air conditioning units. However, due to the efficiency it offers in both hot and cold weather, you make up for the high initial costs by lowered utility bills over time. This leads to significant savings, especially during the months that experience drastic temperature changes.