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Tips for Using a Skip When You Have a Mobility Impairment

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If you are going to hire a skip for a project and you have friends, relatives or employees with mobility impairments helping you with the project, you need to plan some modifications for their needs. Luckily, there are a range of ways to make using a skip easier for people with mobility impairments to use. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Place the skip in an accessible area.

If people in wheelchairs are going to be carrying rubbish to your skip, you need to place it in an accessible area. Ideally, it should be a smooth surface such as asphalt or cement, rather than on grass or gravel.

2. Hire a skip with a door or side window.

In addition to ensuring people in wheelchairs can roll up to the skip, you need to make it easy for them to hoist rubbish into the bin. Throwing bags of rubbish or large waste up and over the sides of a high bin is likely to be impossible for almost anyone in a sitting position.

To alleviate this issue, look for a skip with a door so that people can simply roll into the skip, place their rubbish inside and roll out. Alternatively, some skips have side windows that make loading easy.

3. Consider a ramp or a lift.

If it isn't possible to hire a skip with a door or window, consider looking into modifications such as ramps or lifts. You can hire ramps and place them next to the side of the skip so that anyone can roll easily up the edge.

Alternatively, there are lifts that can be attached to skips. These lifts are similar to the lifts on commercial rubbish removal trucks that lift up bins and empty them into the truck. To use them, you simply roll up to them, push a small rubbish bin into the lift, lock it in place and push a button. Then, the dump dolly does the lifting for you.

4. Delegate tasks differently.

If you cannot modify the skip to make it easy for people with mobility impairments to use, you may want to delegate tasks differently. For example, you could ask one person to sort rubbish from recycling and another person to post ads online offering free stuff so that you can minimise the amount of rubbish you throw away.

Want more tips on using a skip when you or someone helping you has a mobility impairment? Contact a skip bin hire company today.