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Why Choose Hydro Mulching

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Whether on commercial properties, a home, school, or any other public space, perfectly grown and manicured lawns end up defining the environment of such places. As a homeowner with vast lawns, or even institutions intending to display large areas of manicured turf, you can imagine the frustration that would result from occurrences such as dry patches, uneven growth, uneven shrinkage, or merely the appearance of inconsistency on your lawn.

Fortunately, one way of growing turf successfully minimizes the chances of such occurrences; this is hydro mulching. Unlike broadcast seeding and other methods used to grow grass on lawns, hydro mulching has several advantages that together coalesce to produce perfect layers of strong, thick turf suitable for many different lawn types and orientations.

Effective mulch

In conventional grass growing, grass seed is planted and then a layer of dry grass straws is spread for mulching. Hydro mulching, however, uses a method where the seed is already mixed with a mulch, water, and fertilizer combination. In most cases, wood mulch is used. Laying mulch over seeds the broadcast way leads to several probabilities. For a start, wind can blow straws away and birds can pick seeds from the straws. This can result in uneven grass growth. Straws are also not quite effective in preventing early evaporation from the surface. Using hydro mulching, these situations need not be a concern. The mulch effectively protects the seeds from excessive vapor loss, wind, and even birds by default of it being mixed with the seeds and fertilizer and being more compact. 

Erosion deterrent

If you have lawns that are sloped, you will know the frustration that is the name erosion. Grass seeds may be constantly carried away by irrigation and rain water resulting in poor growth in many such areas. With hydro mulching, an organic glue-like substance can be added to the mixture. This is called a "tackifier". The tackifier binds the mulch to the soil until natural germination occurs and the seeds are firmly rooted in the soil. The growing roots later take on the job of deterring soil erosion on such lawns.

Even distribution

Finally, to get even lawns, you need to spread the seed evenly throughout the entire area. While spreaders can try very hard to at least get seeds spread everywhere, hydro mulching ensures that seeds are indeed spread everywhere. A dye is included in the mixture. The dye gives visual guarantee that the seeds are spread evenly on the intended surface. You can even use different dye colors for different seeds you want to grow in varying areas across your lawn.  This, coupled with the fact that the slurry mixture is sprayed onto every inch of your lawn, guarantees a fast and reliable way of completely covering your lawn with turf.