Running an Environmentally Friendly Coffee Shop: Tips and Ideas

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What Makes Natural Turf Good for the Environment?

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Aside from making your yard to look green and beautiful year-round, natural turf is an ideal choice for the betterment of the environment as well. Here are a few ways to explain how natural turf installation can help protect the environment. Acts as a natural water filter Runoff water, especially in cities, towns and other urban areas often carries with it numerous pollutants. As such, you may fail to realize that one of the reasons behind water contamination in your private well is runoff of polluted water coming from driveways, parking lots, footpaths and other hard surfaces. Read More»

Things To Consider When Buying a Shade Sail

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Shade sails, like those available at A & B Canvas Australia, are coverings that are ideal for patios, decks and saunas, turning any outdoor area into a place where you can entertain, barbecue and enjoy a respite from the blazing sun. But if you are buying a shade sail for the first time, there are some important things for you to consider before making a selection. Here’s what you need to know. Read More»

3 Fascinating Ways In Which Trees Can Help You Survive

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It’s easy to take trees for granted. Tall, grand and immobile, they appear to do very little in the world other than stand proudly. However, whilst they make not look it, trees are actually essential sources of assistance for the preservation of human life. They really are miracles of nature – helping humans survive for centuries and continuing to do so to this day.  Listed below are three fascinating ways in which trees can actually help you to survive. Read More»