How to Preserve the Environment While Still Clearing Out a Parcel of Land

30 Nov

A parcel of land that has been neglected for many years may be overrun with weeds and invasive plants that are bad for the ecosystem, and which may be very unattractive as well. However, you may not want to simply clear the land when it’s been overrun by vegetation that you don’t want in the […]

What to Look For in a Rainwater Storage Tank for Your Property

19 Jul

A rainwater storage tank is not unusual for farms; the rainwater can be used to water crops or livestock, so there is less fresh water used. You can also have a rainwater tank on your property, farm or not, in order to water your lawn, wash your car and pets, or to have in case […]

Helping Your City Stay Green

18 Jul

Many cities are working on something called urban planning. Urban planning is when the city makes a plan for developing the land, protecting the environment, and protecting the people. Whereas the city has complete control over how it decides to sell and develop the land, when it plans to make the city greener, laws alone […]

Why Choose Hydro Mulching

13 Jul

Whether on commercial properties, a home, school, or any other public space, perfectly grown and manicured lawns end up defining the environment of such places. As a homeowner with vast lawns, or even institutions intending to display large areas of manicured turf, you can imagine the frustration that would result from occurrences such as dry […]

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

24 Jun

If you’re building a home outside the reach of local sewerage service, you must make arrangements for on-site residential or domestic treatment plants to treat your wastewater. The effluent thereof can be recycled for many purposes, e.g. plant irrigation and other plant applications. These systems are ideal for those building in rural areas and isolated […]

How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

20 Jun

If your family is experiencing frequent headaches, sinus congestion, and shortness of breath while inside your home, you might have poor air quality. A good way to tell is if you have these symptoms inside your home, then suddenly find relief when walking outside. Here are some different ways to improve the air quality in […]

Sandstone vs. Limestone: How To Choose The Right Paving For Your Garden

15 Jun

Sandstone and limestone have become extremely popular choices for garden paving in recent years, with some landscaping contractors now only offering patios in these materials. Trying to pick between the two can be daunting for anyone who hasn’t tried to design a garden before, though. You might feel like you don’t know what the difference […]

Various Types of Heat Pumps You Can Consider

26 May

If you are looking for a heating alternative for your home, then you should consider investing in heat pumps. These appliances are a convenient option as they make use of resources that are often ignored in favour of electricity. By using heat pumps, you not only are taking a step to making your home more […]

Tips for Using a Skip When You Have a Mobility Impairment

23 May

If you are going to hire a skip for a project and you have friends, relatives or employees with mobility impairments helping you with the project, you need to plan some modifications for their needs. Luckily, there are a range of ways to make using a skip easier for people with mobility impairments to use. […]

Asbestos in the Workplace: Areas to Be Aware of

29 Apr

Asbestos is a highly dangerous material that was once used in various building applications, including with a variety of building materials. It contains fibres that, when inhaled, can lead to various illnesses and cancers, including mesothelioma. These fibres include amosite, tremolite, and chrysotile, among others. While new buildings do not use asbestos anymore due to […]

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